4 Well Drilling Questions Minneapolis Residents Frequently Ask

Well drilling is something we all depend on, but few of us understand. When we build a new home, we know that we must have a well drilled, but beyond that, most of our knowledge is based on what happens when the water is not coming out of our faucets. So, if having a well drilled is soon to be on your radar, then chances are, you have an assortment of questions. For residents of Minneapolis, well drilling doesn’t have to be confusing!

At Hartmann Well in Minneapolis, we recognize this and decided to take a few minutes to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding well drilling.

  1. Now that I have decided to have a well drilled, what is the first thing I need to do? Even before locating a Minneapolis well drilling company, you should contact your local Environmental Health Department and let them know that you will be having a well drilled. They will be able to tell you of any significant concerns you need to know about, and explain the steps necessary. Typically, this will involve getting a check for the permit, filling out the assorted paperwork and scheduling a visit from the health department to discern if the location where the well will be drilled is usable. Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this meeting.
  2. How does one determine the best location for well drilling? The most important consideration is how easily (or not) the well drilling company can get their equipment to the location. Also, it should be noted that a well cannot be located on the steep side of a hill as this is dangerous for those using the heavy equipment. Also, well drilling should not be done near power lines. When it comes to locating where there is water, it can be a bit of a guessing game. However, it seems that locating water is more successful if one wishes the well to be drilled near visible faults or fractures in the earth’s surface.
  3. Can a plumber do my water system once the well has been drilled? While a plumber might be able to get you a less costly water purification system, why would you choose to have someone else handle this element? Just as you would not go see the dentist for a headache, you don’t want to have a plumber set up the well/water system. After all, the company that drills the well is going to know more about your home’s water supply than the plumber does! (Of course, there are well drilling companies that provide both services!) A Minneapolis well drilling company knows where the water zones are, the amount of water that is being produced, the proper size pump for the installation, and the best water system to meet your needs.
  4. Can I be promised a certain water quality or quantity in my well? Unfortunately, this is not something any Minneapolis well drilling company can guarantee. Once the well has been drilled, you can know about how much water you will have, but the quality of the water cannot be determined until it is tested.

Well drilling is both an exact and inexact science. Yes, we know how to drill the well, but there are some elements that we must wait to ascertain. At Hartmann Well Drilling in Minneapolis, we take water seriously. We strive to see that each customer is pleased with the results and that our service is prompt and efficient. If you should have any questions regarding well drilling, contact Minneapolis’ Hartmann Well Drilling today.

If you’re in need of well drilling services in Minneapolis, contact us today by calling 952-758-2202  or Contact us Online.

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