Can You Drill a Water Well in The Winter in Minnesota?

If you’ve ever tried to dig a hole or a trench with a pick or shovel during the winter, you know that it can be near impossible when the ground is frozen. The frost depth in Minnesota can easily reach four or five feet below the surface. When the temperatures drop below freezing, ground water in the soil below the surface can become as hard as a rock.

This often raises the question, “Can you drill a water well in the winter in Minnesota?”

The answer is quite simply, “Yes!”

The equipment normally used to drill water wells year round is capable of grinding its way through all kinds of rock and gravel. Frozen soil is no harder to penetrate than the rocks routinely encountered when drilling water wells during the summer months.

The water well driller may choose either a fixed or rotary cutter drill bit, depending on how hard the material is that is to be drilled. Drill bits capable of drilling through hard rock are quite sophisticated and may cost thousands of dollars each.

The main problem with water well drilling in the winter in Minnesota is that it’s so darn cold outside. It would be so much more pleasant to be inside by the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee. But, otherwise there is no problem drilling through the frost to provide you with a safe, sufficient water supply.

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