Frequently Asked Questions about Geothermal Installation

There are many different reasons you should consider geothermal installation for your Twin Cities home. From cost to the environment, this alternative source of energy provides many great unexpected benefits. Since this type of energy supplies less than 10% of the world’s energy, we also understand that you may have a few questions about geothermal installation.

That’s why we’ve put together some answers to the questions we’ve received below and we hope this gives you an overview on geothermal installation and what it’s all about. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to give Hartmann Well Drilling a call!

geothermal installation

Q: What is geothermal energy?
A: Geothermal energy is energy generated by heat stored below the Earth’s surface. Geothermal heat pumps then harness this energy to create heating and cooling for your home.

Q: Is a geothermal installation strictly for heating the home?
A: No. When you get a ground source heat pump installation, you will not just enjoy heat. You will also get a new source of electricity. It can even provide cooling for your home as well!

Q: Is geothermal energy expensive?
A: Because geothermal heat pumps are transferring heat and not creating it, this makes the system incredibly efficient.

Q: Is geothermal energy environmentally friendly?
A: Geothermal installation uses about 25 to 50% less electricity than conventional heating and cooling systems. And, there is no combustion required! Meaning, they don’t emit any greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Q: How long does a geothermal installation last?
A: First of all, geothermal energy is a continuous source of heat and energy, so you will never have to worry about it running out. Second, ground source heat pumps have inside components that will work for about 25 years, and the ground loop will work for more than 50 years.

Q: Is there just one kind of geothermal heat pump to choose from?
A: There are actual several including horizontal systems, vertical systems, closed-loop systems, open-looped systems and systems that use a direct heat exchange. An expert at Hartman Well Drilling can let you know what their many differences and benefits are.

Q: Are geothermal heat pumps easy to maintain?
A: When you choose geothermal installation you can expect low maintenance. Their total maintenance costs are usually 1/3 below that of conventional systems.

Q: Are they loud?
A: Once your geothermal installation is complete, you will notice the system is much quieter than conventional heating and cooling systems.

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