Geothermal Repair Will Get Temperatures Where You Want to Keep Them

A ground source heat pump is an electric- powered system that taps into the stored energy of the earth to supply cooling and heating to your home.

A geothermal ground source heat pump has closed or open loops. Closed loop systems have water or antifreeze circulating through plastic pipes buried below the earth’s surface. During the winter months, the fluid that gathers from the earth is converted to warm energy and is circulated through the system and ultimately into the building. During the summer, a geothermal system reverses into cooling mode in which  the building is cooled by pulling heat from the building, and placing it in the ground. This process creates hot water in the summer and delivers hot water savings in the winter.

Geothermal energy systems’ piping can last for well over 50 years. The longevity of these systems tends towards few needs in the way of geothermal repair. Things can and do go wrong with geothermal energy systems, however. Maybe there is no cool when outside it is hot, or vice versa. If you are in need of a geothermal repair for your New Prague (or otherwise local) home or business, call on the professionals at Hartmann Well Drilling.

To keep an eye out and otherwise ward off the need for any potential geothermal repair, annual inspection and/or maintenance is called for. Repairs can still emerge no matter how well you maintain your system. Watch for the following signs that may indicate a need for repair:

  1. Leaks—can and do emerge from time-to-time, especially in scenarios where they are nearing their 50-year birthday. The loops within the geothermal system tend to not circulate refrigerant, but usually a water and antifreeze mixture. Leaks emerge as otherwise inexplicable wet spots on your lawn. Should spots of this sort appear in conjunction with a reduction in heating or cooling power, call on Hartmann Well to come out and take a look. They will place a dye into the heat pump that will identify where the leak is occurring.
  2. Malfunctions—Your geothermal system being for all intents and purposes a heat pump, you’re your eyes open for a loss of cooling or heating power, ice developing along indoor coils during cooling mode, a drop in air flow and/or grating noises to be emanating from the cabinet. Some of these symptoms can occur due to damaged loops, but the problem may originate inside the interior cabinet itself. Other common issues are mechanical failures
  3. Bill Increase—Keep an eye on your energy bills, they will warn you of potential problems. If your bill begins to spike without any otherwise reasonable explanation, there may be an issue with your geothermal system or some other cog in your overall HVAC network. Call on a professional to come out and take a look, and, if need be, conduct a geothermal repair.

Because geothermal systems are extensive and require special installation, only trained repair technicians can properly fix them. Don’t open the heat pump cabinet!

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