Tips for Selecting Water Well Service Provider in Jordan MN

There are many water well service providers in Jordan, so how do you choose one that will best meet your needs? After all simply choosing the first water well service contractor you see online or hear about on television is not a guarantee that the company is trustworthy- it only proves they know how to market their services.

So, how do select a water well service for your well drilling needs? The first thing is to talk to those who know and get their recommendations; however, that still leaves you needing to determine which company to hire. This determining will involve several actions, but with a little time spent doing your homework, you can soon have a water well service at your property ensuring you are getting that all important, life-giving liquid: water.

Tips for Selecting a Jordan Water Well Service Provider

Before beginning the water well service provider interviews, take some time to understand the various types of wells that can be had. There are 3 main types of wells – Dug wells (nearly obsolete), which are excavated by using a hand shovel to reach below the water table, then lined with stones or bricks; driven wells (ideal for shallow wells), which are built by driving a small-diameter pipe into the ground; and, Drilled wells, which can a bit complicated and typically more expensive to drill as they require drill rigs and rotary drill bits to dig extremely deep (1,000+ feet).

Once you have done your homework, you are ready to start talking to potential water well service providers. As part of the interview process, you will want to address the following:

  • Price – This is important, but not the most important! You want a quality well drilled, not merely a functional, inexpensive one.
  • Certification – Ask to see a copy of the contractor’s certification and license; you should also note what class of drillers they are certified for.
  • Experience – Know how long the company has been around and how much experience they have had in drilling the type of water well you need.
  • Guarantees – You don’t want to be calling in another water well service provider just a few years after this current job to repair damage or poor workmanship on this job. Be sure the company you hire offers an extensive warranty and guarantees on parts and workmanship.
  • Talk – Discuss any concerns you may have; understand what you are getting and when the job will be started and completed. If there is something you feel uncertain about, don’t hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that you only want to work with one water well service contractor for a job, not have to find someone else, mid-job. You should also ask for job references and take the time to follow up with previous customers.

When it comes to having a well drilled, you don’t want to play around or take shortcuts. Take the time to do some homework before signing on the dotted line. As a Jordan water well service provider, Hartmann Well Drilling is happy to answer all of your well drill questions.

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