Well Drilling 101: How to Become a Well Driller

When someone wants to become licensed in well drilling in New Prague, there are several steps one needs to take. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process so you have a better understanding about our team’s skill set.

To begin with, the requirements for well drilling and related services vary from state to state. Here in Minnesota, a well driller needs to be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). There are approximately 220 well contractors in the state as of right now. Minnesota offers ten different well drilling service licenses: everything from drilling to repair to sealing and more.

Every single state in the United States requires well drillers to be in the industry for 5 years before they can be licensed. Well drilling is heavily regulated, so there are several different educational and on-the-job training requirements that need to be met before one can be a licensed well driller. Then the potential well driller is required to take a well drilling licensing exam after the time-in-industry requirement has been met.

In Minnesota, the state actually licenses the well drilling company. The company chooses an employee to be the “certified representative.” The representative must submit a Qualification Application where he or she documents work experience and provides reference letters. After the application is approved by the MDH, the applicant takes a written exam and then an oral exam in front of the Advisory Council on Wells and Borings.

If the applicant passes both exams, he or she will have to submit a license application that requires a variety of information about the company, the drilling machines and hoists, etc. The application is then processed by the MDH. The company (and representative) is then licensed for well drilling in the state of Minnesota.

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