Well Drilling: The primary water source for Anoka County residents

Water well drilling in Anoka County is the main way of providing a reliable source of drinking water for rural residents. Irrigation for farming may be drawn from surface water sources, but this is more prone to contamination, so a water well is often preferred.

If you are just getting ready to begin well drilling on your property, hiring a qualified professional well drilling expert right from the start, will be helpful in ensuring that the proper techniques are followed. There are quite a few rules and regulations regarding what can be done, and what must be done when drilling wells.

Your well driller should not only be experienced, but he should be familiar with well drilling in the local area. There are well drilling procedures to be followed, and permits that are required prior to commencing the work. An experienced professional well driller that is familiar with the area can help make the project a success.

Well drilling in Anoka County will almost always result in successfully establishing a safe source of water, but it doesn’t just happen by chance. Consideration must be given to where on the property the well is to be located. This is both to ensure that the likelihood of finding water is good, as well as avoiding contamination from septic systems, run-off of fertilizers from farm operations, and other sources. This is where the experience and expertise of your well drilling professional will help.

Once the well drilling is accomplished and it is producing an adequate supply of water, you’ll need to have the water tested to ensure that it is safe for drinking.  Your well driller will know what needs to be done to get the testing accomplished.

Once the testing is complete, they can advise you on what types of filters and conditioning equipment might be beneficial in improving the quality of your water, how frequently you should have your water retested, and they will recommend a schedule for periodic inspection of your well pump and motor.

An experienced professional well drilling firm with the proper equipment and expertise will have your well operational in a week or sooner, providing you with a safe sufficient source of water to meet your needs.

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