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If you have a well on your property, it all falls on you. When there is an issue that needs repaired, you won’t be able to contact your municipality to fix it. Well repairs can often be a burden, leaving you and your family without the water you need access too. And when this has become too much for your Faribault MN household to deal with, it’s time you contact Hartmann Well Drilling.

Well Repair Questions & Answers

My water pressure has been dropping. Why? What I can do?
Do you have an older well? Or has it been a while since your well or water well pump received maintenance? Your well pump is like any other appliance: it won’t operate forever. Other factors that might effect your pressure include:

  • Sand or sediment buildup
  • Mineral accumulation
  • Leaks
  • Dirty water softener or sediment filter

Whatever the case, it’s best to have this looked at by a Faribault water well professional.

My well’s water level is low. How can the situation be remedied?
First, the well’s depth needs to be determined, followed by the depth of the intake. The most common solution is to put the pump deeper into the well. But, we need to figure out if the well is deep enough for the extra length, and if enough water is being produced to warrant this. There are a number of things that can be attempted, but there are some cases where a new well has to be drilled.

My pump keeps coming on when water isn’t running.
It’s most likely a leak. The pump has a check valve, which prevents water from flowing back down into the well when the pump is off. These valves can leak. If this is not the case, then it might be an underground line, plumbing fixtures, toilet tank valves, irrigation lines and other similar spots.

Why does my water smell?
The sulfur smell comes from two main sources: the earth’s clay where the well was drilled or bacteria fouling. The former is usually easy to fix, and can be removed with filtration products or a quality water softener. The fouling is coming from either cross contamination or organisms in the soil. You might want to have your water tested by a laboratory near Faribault.

How long does a new well and pump last?
It’s difficult to predict every installation. But, today’s requirements in construction make it easy for a new well to last generations. When it comes to keeping your well healthy, it’s all about usage.

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