Well Sealing Twin Cities

What is well sealing exactly? Well sealing is the permanent closure of a well that is no longer in use or is deemed unsafe. The state law in Minnesota requires all abandoned wells to be sealed. Why? An unused well can act as a drain, allowing surface runoff, polluted water and improperly disposed of waste contaminate groundwater. They can also be quite unsafe. That’s why, if you have an unused or abandoned well on your property, you should take care of it as soon as possible. And, as experts in well sealing for the Twin Cities, Hartmann Well Drilling can get the job done right the first time.

Well Sealing Twin CitiesOld and abandoned wells are a hazard and danger to health, the environment and safety. It is also important that a well sealing is done properly by professionals. If it has not been performed by a licensed contractor, like the ones at Hartmann Well Drilling, the threat of contamination is very real and very prevalent. Even if the well is covered by concrete or wooden boards, it can still be a problem. The cover can decay or break down, surface debris can enter the old well and that, in turn, can contaminate the groundwater.

There are many reasons you may require well sealing services, including:

  • A well is not currently in use
  • The well has become contaminated
  • It’s been improperly sealed in the past
  • It poses a threat to public safety
  • The well threatens groundwater quality

Whatever the reason, Hartmann Well Drilling can help. Give us a call today and we can get your well sealing underway.

Well Sealing Process

Hartmann Well Drilling has the necessary equipment and expertise to seal your well according to Minnesota’s state laws and regulations. Our well sealing service include removing any pumping equipment that might still be in the old well, removing any debris that is in the well and then pumping the well full of a grout mixture in order to properly seal it.

When you entrust Hartmann well drilling with your much needed well sealing, you can rest assured knowing the old well is no longer posing danger to anyone else, the environment or groundwater.

We can even install a new well to replace the old, sealed well! So, give us a call today to learn more about well sealing, well drilling, water testing and the wide variety of services we can offer you.

Twin Cities Well Sealing

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