Wintertime Well Drilling

Our Minnesota winter is notorious for the depths to which temperatures drop as well as our accumulation of frozen precipitation. Take a pick or a shovel out to your lawn in the dead of winter and you have an idea of just how difficult drilling can be through frozen ground. The depth of frost alone in Minnesota frequently reaches five feet below ground. Ground water within the soil freezes and gets hard as a rock.

So, being that the need for well drilling in Shakopee is not dependent upon season, if the need arises, many wonder if it this can be done. According to Hartmann Well Drilling, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

The equipment we employ to carry out well drilling is used to drill through gravel as well as rock. Though the ground may be frozen solid several feet down, it poses little challenge. A frozen soil is ultimately no more difficult to penetrate than is rock.

Typically, when encountering frozen ground, well drillers choose between fixed or rotary cutter drill bits which are dependent upon how hard the material is that is to be drilled. Drill bits of this sort are rather sophisticated and run thousands of dollars apiece.

The primary issues in well drilling during a Minnesota winter are the air temperatures to the workers carrying out the job for customers. Other than the comfort of individual well drillers, well drilling can be done without issue, providing you and yours with a safe, sufficient water supply.

The water that a well will be accessing, of course, is found in the water table. The water table, generally found at a depth way below the freeze line of the ground surface, is not affected by the outdoor temperatures, it being buffered by the many feet of soil and rock between it and the surface above. That is not to say that there are not issues that may arise as water makes it way to the surface. The piping that makes its way through the ground to your home and/or the well portion that is above ground can most certainly freeze. Items such as “hot cords” can be wrapped around piping to help prevent the line itself, the pumps and all wares that house water at any step in the process from freezing.

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