Geothermal Installation

Ground source heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. A geothermal system uses coils in the earth to keep the water in the system at a consistent temperature through all seasons. This provides you efficiency in heating and cooling that is unmatched by other conventional methods.

Heat pump, ground source geothermal by Hartmann well drilling

During the Winter

Even in the coldest Minnesota winters, a properly installed geothermal system can greatly reduce the cost to heat your home. The system works by circulating water in the ground, capturing the heat and bringing it into the home. Inside, the heat pump pulls that heat out and releases it into the building. The cooled water is then sent back to begin the cycle again.

During the Summer

In the warmer months, the geothermal system works in reverse of the winter. The heat pump in your building pulls the warm air in, increasing the temperature of the water. The warm water is then sent out into the ground to cool, and the returning water is used to cool the air.

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