Don’t Forget to Seal Abandoned Wells

Many times water wells surpass their usefulness. Either they are in a location that no longer needs a well, they need extensive repairs or they no longer provide enough water. Whatever the reason, wells no longer in use or abandoned pose a safety hazard. That’s why we offer well sealing in the Twin Cities area. We can properly seal unused wells to protect water quality.

What is well sealing?
Well sealing is permanently closing a well that is no longer in use or deemed unsafe. State law requires abandoned wells in Minnesota to be sealed. Well sealing involves clearing debris from the well and filling it with grout. This must be done by a licensed contractor, like Hartmann Well Drilling.

Well Sealing Twin CitiesWhy do unused wells need to be sealed?
There are two important reasons why water wells need to be sealed. First, wells that are no longer used often become forgotten. Many times the top of the well is no longer protected, which poses a hazard for unknowing people or animals to fall into the well. For this reason, it is important to properly seal them and have it done before the well is lost over time or covered with brush.

Secondly, unsealed wells become a direct line to allow pollutants, surface runoff and improperly disposed-of solid waste to contaminate groundwater. A common pollutant in Minnesota wells is high nitrate levels, which can come from fertilizers or septage. Sealing abandoned wells protects groundwater quality and also surface water quality in areas with spring-fed streams.

How do you seal a well?
As mentioned earlier, only a licensed professional should seal an unused well. We provide this service for the Twin Cities area, so if you have a well on your property no longer in use, give us a call. When we come, we will clear any debris from the area, cover the well and seal it with grout to prevent any contaminants from seeping through. It’s important to do this sooner rather than later. The longer a well sits unused, the great the potential for polluting the groundwater.

What about the cost?
Many Minnesota counties offer grants to help with the cost associated with sealing a well. Contact your county environmental services office to get information on available grants.

Please take the responsibility of caring for any abandoned wells on your property. It will not only protect you and your family, but the entire community as well.

To learn more about well sealing in the Twin Cities, call Hartmann Well Drilling at 952-758-2202 or you can Contact Us.

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