Water Testing

When you aren’t sure if your well water is safe to drink and use, you want peace of mind from a trusted well service company like Hartmann Well Drilling.

We can come to your home for water testing, and we can determine if your well water is safe to drink and use.

There are several reasons you could need water testing done to your well:

  • The water’s taste, smell or appearance has changed. This can happen for no apparent reason or because of a broken well cap, a flood or a new contamination source.
  • The well has a documented history of bacterial contamination.
  • Your home’s septic system has recently malfunctioned.
  • You or members of your family are experiencing recurring gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • There is an infant living in your home.
  • You need to monitor the effectiveness your home water treatment equipment.

We will test for total coliform. This is an indicator that your well might be contaminated with human or animal waste. We will also test for other harmful bacteria, like E. coli as well as lead and arsenic.

Nitrate can also easily infiltrate your well water thanks to fertilizers, leaking sewer lines and more.

Water Testing for Your Home

No matter your reason for water testing, Hartmann Well Drilling can help. Since 1932, we have been one of this area’s most trusted names in all things well and well-related. We strive to provide our customers with the best in water testing and other well-related services.

You will need a water test before you can sell your home.

Get Peace of Mind with Water Testing

To learn more about water testing, call Hartmann Well Drilling at 952-758-2202 or contact us for a Free Estimate.