Well Sealing

Old and abandoned wells are a hazard and danger to health, the environment and safety. They could potentially contaminate the groundwater, which is the leading source of drinking water for most people who reside in the state of Minnesota. If well sealing has not been performed by a licensed contractor, like the ones at Hartmann Well Drilling, the threat of contamination is very real and very prevalent. Even if the well is covered by concrete or wooden boards, it can still be a problem. The cover can decay or break down, surface debris can enter the old well and that, in turn, can contaminate the groundwater.

So how do you make sure your old well is not a danger to the environment and other people? By having it sealed by the professionals at Hartmann Well Drilling.

Well Sealing Services

There are several reasons you might need our well sealing services:

  • Is the well currently in use?
  • Is the well contaminated?
  • Was the well improperly sealed in the past?
  • Does the well threaten the groundwater’s quality?
  • Does it pose any other threats to the public’s safety, well-being and health?

Minnesota state law requires well sealing services to be performed by licensed contractors, like the ones at Hartmann Well Drilling. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to seal your well according to Minnesota state laws and regulations. That way, you can rest assured knowing the old well is not a danger to anyone else, the environment and the groundwater.

Our well sealing service includes removing any pumping equipment that might still be in the old well, removing any debris that is in the well and then pumping the well full of a grout mixture in order to properly seal it.

Well Sealing

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