Summer Home Well Maintenance Tips

Do you own a summer home or lake home with a well as its water source? These wells need plenty of maintenance too. It is essential to perform well repair and general upkeep; doing so will ensure that your system is running as it should and that the water is clean and ready to use. As experts in well repair for Prior Lake we’d like to tell you more about essential well repair and some maintenance tips to consider for your summer home.

Well Repair Prior LakeAfter the sitting water has been flushed out and new water is flowing through, it needs to be tested for bacteria and nitrates. While there are home testing kits for an initial test, if bacteria or nitrate is found above 10 milligrams per liter, contact a professional. The experts at Hartmann Well Drilling can help with this.

Also, be careful not to overload your summer home’s wastewater system. Using more water than the septic system is designed to handle could lead to serious risks to the well.

And, at the end of the summer, it is important to properly close down the well. Rather than just closing off a valve, be sure to turn off the electricity to the water pump.

If you notice any issues with your well, it is important to have any need for well repair addressed as soon as possible. Give us a call at Hartmann Well Drilling. We equip all of our team members with the right tools and equipment to get the well repair job done right the first time. We also make sure all of our team members have the right know-how and experience as well. And, our trucks are always fully stocked with all of the equipment and tools needed for most well repair jobs. So, chances are, we can make the repairs during our first visit to your home.

Do you want more information on well repair in Prior Lake? Call us at Hartmann Well Drilling at 952-758-2202, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.

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