Troubleshooting Your Well

Things to check before calling Hartmann Well Drilling:

Is the breaker to the pump working?

Flip the breaker a few times to make sure it is set.

Is the valve to the home open?

If you have a levered ball valve the lever should run parallel to the water line.

Is there consistent water pressure to all areas of your home?

You can check to make sure the water is entering your home correctly by placing a bucket underneath the faucet next to the pressure tank. If the water pressure is fine at this faucet, check your filter to make sure it is not blocked. Then check each faucet in your home to ensure the screens are clear of mineral build-up and sediment.

Does your home have a constant pressure system?

If so, is there a red light on or is the box is showing a fault code?  If there is, shut the power off at the breaker box. Then wait about 30 seconds and turn it on again.

Do you have cloudy water?

Use your garden hose at your outside faucet and let it run outside for several hours until the water runs clear again.

Universal fit pressure switch for water pump isolated on white.
Subject: A in-line shut off valve along a copper pipe. Isolated on a white background.
Well Trouble Shooting

If these suggestions do not work, or if you are hearing odd noises (such as a clicking sound near the pressure tank or the sound of the pump running too often), give us a call at 952-758-2202 to schedule an appointment.