Geothermal Installation Shakopee

Are you looking for a way to keep your home comfortable year-round that doesn’t involve high electrical bills? Do you love long warm showers without fear of running out of hot water just about the time you begin to relax? Perhaps you like to add resale value to your home without having to undergo a lengthy home renovation. If any of these scenarios sound appealing to you, then it is time you checked into having a geothermal energy system installed in your Shakopee home.

Geothermal installation is not a new approach to managing your home’s comfort level. Its working premise is much like that of a refrigerator in that where a fridge removes hot air from inside the unit and replaces it with cold, a geothermal heat pump transfers heat/cold accordingly, from the ground to your house. Thanks to its unique design, and several installation options, a geothermal system can be crafted to suit your home’s unique needs, making it more efficient than a standard HVAC system. If you are interested in geothermal installation in Shakopee, Hartmann Well Drilling can help you get set up.

Benefits of Geothermal Installation

While many homeowners are fine with the traditional approach to a home comfort system, there has become a growing number of people opting for a more environmentally friendly approach to heating and cooling such as geothermal installation. Here are some additional reasons many Shakopee homeowners are choosing to install geothermal units.

  • A geothermal system does not actually use fuel to create heat; rather it just moves heat from one place to another within your location.
  • Geothermal installation will save you as much as 30 to 60% on your heating costs and 20 to 50% on your cooling costs. In fact, studies have found that a geothermal system delivers six times more heat per unit used for every one unit of electricity-based heat.
  • Unlike a traditional system that typically needs to be replaced every 15 years, a geothermal system can last upwards of 50 years on the outdoor elements needed, and as many as 25 years on the inside components.
  • It can be installed in both new builds and existing homes alike. However, as one might expect, it will cost more to have it added after a home is built.
  • Unlike standard HVAC systems that can be noisy and disruptive, the indoor part of the system makes no more noise than your refrigerator.
  • Cleaner air inside your home. Since gases are not needed for the system to work, you don’t need to be concerned about breathing in extra chemicals. Also, because there is no gas or propane involved, there is no concern about flames, fumes, odors or carbon monoxide.

Contact Hartman Well Drilling about Geothermal Installation

If you are ready to make the change to a geothermal installation, or are perhaps just looking at your options, now is the time to schedule an assessment with a Hartman Well Drilling professional. Give us a call today at (952) 758-2202 or contact us to arrange a time we can meet with you.