Geothermal Repair New Prague

Geothermal Repair New PragueThe professionals at Hartmann Well Drilling carry out geothermal repair in New Prague and the neighboring towns. Cashing in on the power to heat as provided by the Earth, ground source heat pumps fall into ill health over time but can be saved. Also, if you wish to stay eco-friendly, a rescue of your existing geothermal heat pump in the effort to heat and cool your house. After all, if your heat pump goes down, so does your hot water!

Pilfering the natural energies of the Earth, these electric-based heat pumps can be repaired by experts of the trade such as Hartmann Well Drilling. Accredited and certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, we will get your geothermal cooling and heating system fixed in quick fashion. We possess the knowledge and experience needed to conduct both installation and repair of geothermal heat pumps. Without a doubt, we are the company you keep in these endeavors!

These systems use the earth’s all but constant temperature to allow for cooling, heating and hot water for buildings of all sorts. They are categorized as having closed or open loops. Closed loop systems have water (or antifreeze) that circulates throughout the underground plastic piping. During the winter months, the fluid collects heat from the earth, moving it throughout the system and into the building. During summertime, the system undergoes a reversal in which it cools a building by pulling heat from it, placing it in the ground. This process creates savings on cool air in the summer and hot water in the winter.

Repairs for this sort of heat pump are much lower than that of their contemporaries. Being that the heat is generated from the earth itself to operate these systems, an entire set of potential repairs are eliminated. You do not have to worry about all of those complex parts that generate the heat itself—the heat already exists!

The Benefits of Going Geothermal

Geothermal heat pumps offer plenty of benefits:

  • Ground source heat pumps reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling your house.
  • No fossil fuels are consumed in the cooling and heating of your home.
  • Environmentally-friendly, they are the most energy efficient way to cool and heat your home.
  • Cost-effective, they are much better with energy cost management than gas and oil furnaces.
  • Geothermal systems can last almost twice as long as conventional systems, eliminating the frequency of similar heat pump repairs.

Hartmann Well Drilling has been working in the well trade for over eighty years. Local denizens know that they can place their trust in us for all well drilling and geothermal repair needs. Our reputation has remained unshaken over all of the time that has passed since our inception. We are professional and reliable, aiming to never fall short of your loftiest expectations.

When you call seeking insight into the subtleties of geothermal repair or installation, we will take the time to field all of your questions and to address the concerns that may emerge. We will assess your home to see if your home and property are good candidates for a geothermal heat pump system.

Geothermal Repair and More

If you would like to learn more about geothermal repair in New Prague, call Hartmann Well Drilling at 952-758-2202 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.