Project Spotlight: Lake Elmo Park

We here at Hartmann Well Drilling are proud to announce that we have yet another special project to share with you. We recently completed a well drilling project at Lake Elmo Park for Washington County Parks. We have done work for Washington County in the past, so they had high expectations for the project. The county needed a well drilled at their primitive campground for water for the people who are camping there.

Water Well Drilling Lake Elmo MN This special well drilling project took about seven days to complete. We spent about four days drilling the well and then another three days hooking up the proper well equipment. We are especially proud of this well drilling project because it will benefit and educate those who camp at these campgrounds, especially Scouts. The folks who use this well will not just get fresh water to drink and use! They will also learn how wells work and how to operate them properly and safely.

We are also happy to report that we finished this well drilling project on schedule as we planned. Washington County Parks was happy with the end result, and so are we! We are always happy to tackle just about any well drilling project, but we especially like the ones that will help the public and teach people about wells and why they are so important.

Lake Elmo MN Water Well DrillingAs you can see from these photos, we were pretty busy throughout the week digging the well and ensuring it was properly installed. We used our truck mounted drill rig in order to dig this well. It uses a rotary drill bit that will chip away at the rock. The well we drilled is 500 feet deep! And the pump we installed at the bottom of the well in order to push the water up to the surface to use is about 150 feet deep.

There are also other types of wells, such as dug wells (which are dug by hand) and driven wells, which are built by driving a small pipe into sand, gravel or another type of soft earth. These types of wells can only access shallow water though, which is why the rotary wells, like the type we dig at Hartmann Well Drilling, are so vital.

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